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In today's complex business and personal environment many companies and individuals require counseling and direction from an attorney. Our mission at Thaler & Thaler, P.A. is to provide quality legal advice and prompt personal service. The size of our firm enables us to be highly responsive to the immediate needs of our clients in a manner not easily attainable by many larger firms. 

We view ourselves as legal advisors, not solely as attorneys. We bring to our clients fresh ideas, cost effective approaches, we are responsive to their interests and provide sound business judgment in addition to our professional competence.  Our success as attorneys and counselors depends upon our ability to contribute perceptibly to the growth and success of our business clients and to fulfill the needs of our individual clients.

Our firm has been in continuous existence since its inception in Ithaca, New York in 1927. In 1953 the firm became Thaler & Thaler and in 1978 established an office in Boca Raton. The West Palm Beach office opened in 1985. At the present time, Thaler & Thaler, P.A. is based in Florida and no longer operates in the State of New York although we service numerous clients in that state who have interests in Florida.

About Our Company

Thaler & Thaler, P.A. has put together an experienced team of attorneys and support personnel to completely meet its client's needs. The firm has an of counsel relationship with experts in related fields of law and accounting who are on call to assist us and our clients in obtaining the best advice and results.