Estate and Tax Planning
Estate and Tax Planning services involve establishing the best plan available to suit the needs of a client within the framework of existing income and estate tax laws so as to minimize the amount of tax payable in a specific situation. Every business and individual is unique; every business and individual's financial posture must be evaluated in developing a proper business or estate plan. Often a business plan is interrelated with an estate plan and becomes effective at the outset of the business venture.

Our focus is on areas key to your entire financial and estate situation, so that we may advise you on agreements, business structure, trusts and estate plans. We begin by meeting with you, and if necessary your accountant or financial advisor, in order to obtain an understanding of your financial situation from your perspective.  Additionally, we feel it is important to gain a clear understanding of the needs and aspirations of your family group. We will identify any problems and suggest solutions which you may implement with our assistance. We will maintain contact with you even after our work with you is complete; keeping you up to date on changes in the laws and other issues which may affect your business or you.

We have the capability of computer preparation and filing of Forms 706, 709, 1040 and 1041 Estate, Gift and Income Tax Returns.

Real Estate
We provide a wide range of counseling in Real Estate transactions.

We will meet with you at the time you initially decide to purchase or sell. We will suggest various methods of purchase or sale which will expedite the transaction as you have envisioned it, at the same time we will advise you on steps which should be taken to minimize any tax impact.

Banking and Commercial Litigation
For the past thirty years we have represented clients in transactions with and for the financial community. We have the expertise to negotiate and close loan transactions, representing either the lender or the borrower. We have structured transactions for the lender in preparation of loan commitment letters; conversely we have represented borrowers in negotiating the terms of a loan with the lender, following through to the closing of the loan. Because the firm is highly computerized we are able to document a loan transaction rapidly, enabling us to meet the clients often short time requirement. 

We have the ability and expertise to handle commercial litigation including mortgage foreclosures, mechanic's lien transactions in both State and Federal Court throughout the State of Florida, contract interpretation and suits for damages. We may be able to analyze your commercial litigation problem at the outset, advising you on the probability of success or failure. By doing this, we have many times been able to save our clients a great deal of time, expense and aggravation.

Business Organizations
We provide complete tax and business planning for small and medium business organizations. In addition to filing the necessary documents required to create your business, we provide advice on choice of entity and will work in concert with your financial advisors on an on-going basis to create the most cost effective form of business organization.

We are in a position to advise our clients on the most advantageous type of business organization (corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship) for their purpose. We also will assist in determining whether a corporation should be incorporated in the State of Florida or some other state, whether stockholder, stock purchase plans, voting trusts and other agreements are applicable to a particular transaction.

Not for Profit Organizations
We are one of the few firms qualified to provide services to businesses and individuals who are involved in or desire to become involved in a Not-for-Profit organization such as a Foundation.

We have established several Foundations for individuals as part of their estate plans, and we continue to assist those clients in the administration of the Not-for-Profit organization in an on-going relationship. We file for and obtain the exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service in order that gifts and donations to the Foundation or organization will be tax deductible.